Best Site To Learn Online Courses

What Is The Best Site To Learn Online Courses?

The universe, like all the great things to learn in it, is always evolving. There’s more a man has to do than it has ever been, because of shifting views on history and human studies to the field of deep AI and computer science. It is sometimes difficult to find ways to learn new ideas, develop new skills, and broaden your horizons after you’ve graduated from high school. The Internet is assisting in this endeavor by making classes and preparation more accessible than ever before.

Fresh avenues for learning have opened up as a result of emerging technology.  When we sight into the past, it was not easy to discover something new. However, there are also a plethora of online services and classes. Thanks to a variety of factors, many individuals are unable to enroll in a full-time college course. As a result, online courses have grown in popularity and utility. You will now discover limitless learning opportunities with only a fast search. The best thing is that there are a lot of high-quality platforms or websites that are accessible.

There are plenty of online courses to choose from, whether you want to learn something brand different or develop an established experience. However, with so many online learning channels to choose from, you can find it difficult to choose the one that is right for you.

But there is a question which rounds in every person’s mind that which website will be the best for his learning. Surprisingly, there is no need to worry about this. Anyone can make a better selection when a list compiled below will be available to him. 

Websites with general courses:

These are the websites that offer a large stock of courses. A vast range of courses about different fields is covered with worthy content on these websites. Following are the websites that offer general courses which are to be stocked by the seekers.


Udemy is the most widely used website on the planet, with millions of people studying daily. The courses offered by this website are approximately tens of thousands in numbers with 50 kinds of languages. Udemy holds about thirty million students. The primary explanation is that they offer very low-cost and even free classes. After the tutorial, you’ll get a certificate of completion. There is no need to sign up for the subscription and you don’t have to pay for the courses you don’t want to take.

It is an established private learning company that offers many courses start from 10$ to 500$ based on the course nature and availability of the teacher. There are certain opinions of the seekers about the rates of Udemy that they are a bit expensive in comparison to other websites.

One of the best things about Udemy is that it provides a wide variety of courses on standard educational subjects as well as advanced business skills—for example, specific techniques used in Excel for financial analysis—all of which are rated by previous students. Someone can explore many options relating to hobbies, lifestyle, productivity, and health. Udemy allows working with many prestigious academics and universities, the service combines the interactive platform of other websites with a strong focus on high-quality content. The course description can be available to any computer with an internet connection. To pursue any lesson, you do not need any prior qualifications.


Lynda is extremely beneficial to those who want to learn technology, industry, or creative skills., a creator in the e-learning industry, was founded in 1995.  This website is now owned by LinkedIn.  Lynda website guides are available in five different languages. If you have a LinkedIn account then the company will provide you with courses and recommendations better for your current job, skills, and professional life.

Lynda has a video demonstration library which this website provides on subscription. Users can have free access to their library on subscription for 30 days. LinkedIn’s Exclusive Career features are included in your membership, which will help you further your career. The website offers courses in a variety of subjects, including business, architecture, marketing, software development, photography, and many others. If someone wants to learn visual learning then this platform could be best for them.


Edounix website offers a large number of courses like Udemy covering almost every discipline. Along with offering courses like software development, marketing, office productivity, and others, also offers A-degrees in various aspects like blockchain and cryptocurrency or python mini e-degree.


It covers everything from typography to architecture, as well as calligraphy and deep learning. This could be your single-step destination for learning a variety of skills.

The membership model at is built on tiers. Learners can watch all lecture’s content and join the course forums for free in the free category. Students will participate fully in classes, apply assignments, collect ratings and reviews, connect with peers, create an online profile, and become eligible to receive a validated Certificate of Accomplishment if a course is successfully done with a fee-based Premium membership. 

Many courses also provide Premium Members with access to exclusive student discounts from kadenze’s industrial partners. Any of the classes on this website are credit-eligible, which means that students can receive college credit from the participating university once they complete the course. Many individual classes in sub-specialization areas are eligible as part of programmers.

Websites for software development:


This is a profit-based educational organization.  They place a strong emphasis on skill orientation and professional growth by real-world programs. They also have employment prospects through their affiliated partners.

 It is an e-learning network that is far less expensive than formal education which includes traditional schooling, college, and university studies.  Udacity has made it a mission to make higher education more available, affordable, and competitive around the world. It provides online and qualifications that can help you stand out from the crowd when applying for work.

Their carefully designed and skillfully constructed courses place a heavy emphasis on technology. If you want to work in technology, Udacity is a great place to start. You’ll get the most up-to-date education relating to subjects of computer science, iOS, Android, web creation, and digital engineering.

Udacity’s price system requires you to pay for your courses every month as part of a “nano-degree.” These usually cost approximately $300 a month, but you can save money by paying for several months in advance.


It is an excellent forum for courses related to web design, python development, java scripts, UX designs, coding, and a variety of other front-end development tasks. You’ll also find a diverse group of writers here. On the completion of tech degrees, someone can have a proper portfolio project to demonstrate his expertise which is gained recently. All programs that are offered by the websites that relate to technological degrees cost 199$ per month and courses cost 25$ per month after a free trial on subscription.

Microsoft virtual academy: 

There are hundreds of courses offered by this website covering 11 languages; Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) provides online Microsoft training provided by professionals to help technologists continue to grow.

This website is designed to assist developers, veteran IT experts, and experienced students in learning the new technologies, honing their talents, and progressing in their careers. Microsoft Virtual Academy is a completely free service that is hosted on Windows Azure.

Join the Microsoft Virtual Academy to win points for your learning, earn various levels of badges and status in comparison to those in your country or around the world, and get awards when you finish a course. Your profile allows you to keep track of your success concerning your individual learning goals.


Web development, software development, cloud computing, IT credential, data professional, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and on-demand training are all available via this technology learning portal, which can help you advance in your career and industry. The services offered by this website cost 579$ to 779$ per annual.


Stack Overflow is the world’s biggest and most reliable online forum for programmers and developers to read, communicate, and advance their careers. Nearly everybody who does coding uses Stack Overflow’s public forum to learn, share their skills, connect, and advance their careers. 

Its basic package that covers the centralized knowledge for small and emerging teams is 6$ per month and it is 12$ per month for medium or large size business seekers.

Graphic designing websites:


Skillshare is a seeker’s online learning environment. Anyone who wants to teach will build online courses on this website. The non-accredited courses can be accessed via subscription.

This website is best known for its graphic designing but along with this, someone can explore multiple topics like drawing, photography, and animation. Whether someone is a beginner or professional in a field, he can explore his skills and progress further in the fields like Photoshop, after effects, procreate, or can learn handmade techniques in illustration, painting, and hand lettering. You can also start a freelance business here. On Skillshare, there’s a wealth of inspiration to be found, and you’ll gain practical knowledge by finishing and posting your creations. Skillshare courses cost 8.25$ monthly or 99$ annually in their premium package. In the month-to-month plan, its services are available for 19$ per month.


This is one of the best websites that offer courses in graphic design. Approximately all sorts of graphic designing, photography, pixel art, motion graphics, animation, typography, and illustration are offered on Tutpad. 

Tutpad is a platform where we can learn creative design from the knowledge and skills shared by many experienced artists. Tutorials with basic, intermediate, and advanced levels are available free and can be achieved with just a single click.

Tutpad allows you to hop straight in and get your creative juices flowing. If you want to enroll in the classes that explore more specialized topics, you can do so with a Premium membership for as little as $7.5 per month! During a Tutpad trial time, you can even try it for free for a week. 

SEO/marketing websites:


It is a trustable learning platform for SEO, blog, and newsletter writing. This website offers next-level SEO training and link-building strategies. This platform is even trusted by Apple, Disney, IBM, and Amazon. This website charges 497$ a month or almost 6000$ annually but varies concerning the selection of the courses.

Google primer:

Google Primer is a free smartphone program from Google that uses 5-minute immersive tutorials to demonstrate digital marketing and business knowledge to small and medium-sized business owners, entrepreneurs, and job seekers. It is an application that can be downloaded and provide tutorials for learning.

Websites about Culture, lifestyle, and arts:


Creative Live is a platform for those who seek to learn about designing, lifestyle, photography, craft making, art, music, and many other things related to cultural activities. At a single moment, this website can offer 1500 live classes. 

The costs of the courses offered by this website have three different ranges which include Live Streams in which we can get live classes for free but with excellent time management. The other categories are individual classes in which someone has to purchase the course individually and its costs range from 29$ to 200$ a month, and the other category is Creator pass in which the seeker can have access to all courses after paying 39$ a month or 299$ annually. Discounts are offered too by the website so we should check for it before selection for the payment.


This website offers to learn and improving the techniques of drawing. It has free and paid self-study along with interactive lessons by the special instructors. Drawspace provides high-quality art lessons for students at all ability levels, created by professional art educators and reviewed by teachers, coaches, professors, and instructors all over the world. Drawspace costs 10$ per month together with free classes.

Websites for MOOCs: 


Coursera has teamed up with libraries, educational institutions, and other organizations to provide students with free lectures on a wide range of subjects. Seekers can learn from the experts available on this website who are qualified from the first 200 leading universities around the world. They can explore many courses starting from a free trial. Students may either browse the list of available courses or simply respond to the question “What would you like to learn about?” and be directed to a list of available courses on that subject. Students who are concerned about being in over their heads should take a deep breath and relax. Courses offered by this website range from 9$ to 90$ based on the type of the course.

Khan Academy:

Because of its success, Khan Academy does not get higher payments. Salman Khan and his colleagues have won their place in the market by developing a conscience, free online education resource that’s become the de-facto standard. Khan Academy makes it simple for students to hop right in and start learning on whatever subject they want. Khan Academy offers many academic courses and seeks donations from others to provide free courses to the needy.


edX is an open online training provider with a large number of courses. It offers online university-level classes in a variety of disciplines to a global student population, with some courses available for free. When you participate in the free audit track, which does not provide credentials or have graded assignments, there is no fee for taking edX courses, except for technical education courses. However, there is a charge for earning a diploma for a course and completing tasks, which varies based on the course. The cost of a validated track is usually between $50 and $300. Courses offered as part of MicroMasters programs can be more expensive.

Academic Earth:

It most likely introduces the most creative educational idea ever devised. This website follows the principle that education should be available to all everywhere. For certain students, this amount of connectivity is easy, but for students in underserved communities, it may be lifesaving.

Many universities collaborate with Academic Earth and this platform is found to be a quality source of online learning.

Websites for the languages:


Duolingo is not only good for learning a foreign language, but it’s also entertaining and addictive. This service provides applications for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android that take a game-like approach to learning. To get started, build a profile and choose between starting with a beginner’s course and taking a test to progress to a more advanced lesson if someone is already aware of the basics. Duolingo is one of the few “pure” free services that guarantee its availability in perpetuity.

Open Culture:

OpenCulture can assist you in learning one of the most widely spoken languages, such as English, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, or Mandarin. However, this gateway to free language course downloads lists a limit of 48 language choices.  Persian, Estonian, Gaelic, Icelandic, and a variety of other languages are available with no payment.


These technology-based platforms offer technical education in a shorter period than a college semester with self-regulation of the person who has enrolled in the course. Someone is not able to get many courses physically when he is in his hometown but online learning through these websites made it possible. These websites cover a huge amount of skills in many fields.

What is the best sight to learn online? There is a question before an answer to the previous line that what kind of learning do we want or what kind of field we chose to learn?  After making a go through this question we found a large number of platforms offering different kinds of courses in different fields. The payments vary in between the platforms and the courses offered. The above list makes an easy route in the selection of a suitable platform for someone to learn online.

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