Employers' Thoughts on Udemy Certification

What Do Employers Think Of Udemy Certifications?

Nowadays, many platforms offer online learning and technical education. Udemy is one of the top online platforms and is offering tens of thousands of online courses. There’s nothing quite about taking charge of your college life and studying at your own pace without feeling like you’re being fired at. And there is no safer or more convenient way to do that than by enrolling in online courses.   

When someone talks about the idea of online education and distanced learning, it appears to begin in the ending decades of the 1900s, this type of learning and education system was first implemented in the mid-nineteenth century with the establishment of the United States Postal Service took placed. The idea of dependable, distanced communications contributed to the creation and adoption of what became known as private “correspondence colleges,” where students and professors would exchange instructional missives through the postal service.

 Because of the widespread use of the internet and modern media, distanced and online education services have become more advanced and easily approachable. Many of the universities and institutions all over the world look forward to offering open course materials, online certificates and degrees, and online subject specialization courses, endorsing and promoting the concept of computer-based education.

What are online certifications and courses?

With time, when the education system of the world changed its methods of learning, classroom learning transformed into distance learning with several means. Then many of the platforms started offering online education along with the certifications. These institutions grant these certificates on the completion of courses offered by them. These certifications are not being offered physically, not a ceremony held like in the institutions offering physical education. The duration of the courses varies according to their syllabus and certificates are put forward online by those platforms or companies that are offering the online courses.

Why they are needed?

‘’Necessity is the mother of invention’’. It is the famous proverb derived by Plato, conveys a message that the need is the real creator of things. It is human nature that everyone tries to find easy access to things from the origin of mankind. There are some factors that better describe the need for online courses.

  • Ease of access: Online courses have a most prominent advantage in that, they are easily accessible to a person who is willing to get them. There is no need to visit any fill the forms, got the admission, and wait for the results for selection.
  • Technical skills: A huge amount of technical skills are incorporated into the learners making them able to step into professional life.
  • Location of choice: No matter where you are in the world, if you have an electronic device with an internet connection, you can have your course available on your device.
  • Flexibility in course plan: There is flexibility in the courses offered online. Someone can manage your study timings according to your availabilities and plans.
  • A large number of courses: There are many courses available online. A single platform offers you a bundle of packages with a couple of courses.
  • Community interaction: Someone will be surprised to see how many students are getting an online education. It improves the interaction between online learners. 

What is Udemy certification?

Udemy isn’t yet another online learning site where students can practice web development or grab skills for graphic designing. It is a marketplace as much larger beyond the limitations of our thinking.

Students can learn Web Development, Business, IT & Software, Office Work, Personality Development, Designing, Digital Marketing, Health & Fitness, Film making with Music creation, and much more using this website.

Courses offered by the Udemy platform may exceed 100,000 in numbers across a wide range of topics. It is to be noted that Udemy still offers free classes, and anyone can grasp newly released courses by using free demy vouchers, which are shared by Udemy teachers to promote their newly released courses and get candid feedback.

Second, students can be granted an Udemy digital or downloadable certificate of completion shortly after having finished a particular course, and this certificate is evidence that you have completed a milestone.

The online certificate provided by Udemy is a document that you earn after successful completion of all course aspects offered by Udemy. This credential shows that you put in the effort to undertake training on a specific topic and can avail of a course completion certificate which can be shared with colleagues, co-workers, and prospective employers. The certificates provided by Udemy can be stored as a pdf or jpg file, making them easy to post on social media sites like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter.

Benefits of Udemy certification:

It is to be noted, that Udemy isn’t an accredited institution, the qualifications can’t be used for formal certification. This is why merely stating that you got an Udemy credential on your resume is insufficient.

  • When someone is getting the course from Udemy, he can make implementations to the things learning from the course and may pursue the projects related to the course field.
  • Udemy courses allow someone to set a goal and provide assistance in its achievement.
  • Udemy courses help someone to make their free time valuable and fruitful by learning the skills with great passion.
  • The learner feels enthusiastic and practical during the courses provided by Udemy. 
  • In the end, being optimistic, the respected person will have skills and knowledge on the completion of courses.

Do employers like Udemy certificates?

Many people have begun to take benefits from e-learning sites that deliver online courses and certifications in a wide range of subjects to expand their professional and technical skills. You may be wondering if the credential signaling completion of an online course, such as those provided by the website Udemy, is worth putting on a resume after spending time and resources in them. To increase your odds of getting a career with a specific company, you must decide what kind of stuff you have to add and what not on your resume.

A certificate from the Udemy, Pluralsight, Masterclass, Udacity or Coursera, they have the same worth in the eye of employers, when someone completes the in-house technical training courses. Mostly even don’t know the name of the platforms or the sites offering these courses. 

When a question is rises that do employers like the Udemy certificates? The answer is NO, they don’t even consider these as certificates, they consider them the certificates of completion. As employers of a company, they consider recruiting the employees who should have:

  • Experience about the job
  • Knowledge of the field
  • Respective education  
  • And the certificates (Not certifications of completion) which are not considered worthy sometimes. 

Udemy is unaccredited learning:

Anyone thinking of getting a technical degree in a field like market research or digital marketing? Udemy offers online training with up to 100,000 courses covering a wide range of topics, professions, and abilities. It’s a wonderful place to learn more about any working ability, hobby, or personal interest. Almost every month, Udemy provides great deals of discounts on their courses, often up to 90% off, which makes it accessible and affordable for the seekers.

Employers do not necessarily recognize Udemy credentials and consider my and unaccredited learning platform.  Since Udemy is not recognized as a proper or formal educational entity, the courses Udemy is offering will not be accepted for college, schools, or proper training institutions. Many of the lessons, on the other hand, are worthwhile and will help you learn new skills or strengthen ones you already have. A ranking system will reveal how useful a course is for students. Whether or not the classes you take are approved, your boss or future employer would be impressed with your dedication to improving your skills.

Udemy certification value:

On the completion of the courses offered by Udemy, the seeker is granted a certificate, which is a certificate of completion, not an actual certification that is offered by the official training institutions. But, is there only a need to put the certificate of completion on your resume? Is there only a need to get a certificate just because he spent few hours learning online?

Udemy is a kind of platform where besides admin, anyone can upload the course. So there is no proper system for the scrutiny of the uploaders of the courses. Completing a course on Udemy is not the confirmation of your job; you have to establish skills in yourself by the practice of the course you get from Udemy. However, the Udemy platform can help you make the instructions and study data for you.

To be honest, Udemy certificates aren’t very useful, and Udemy courses are only good for strengthening and expanding your skills in any particular area. However, an Udemy credential won’t help you get a job or add enough value to your resume to attract employers into offering you the specific job.

Employers don’t allow Udemy certifications to be legitimate in the education portion of the resume until they are professionally recognized and awarded by an accredited organization. However, this does not dismiss the possibility of doing Udemy coursework on your portfolio. It simply means that you must convert your Udemy certifications into a set of qualifications and experiences that are valuable to the recruiting company. It’s one thing to have academic degrees. The skills you gained as a result of earning those degrees are something else, and this is what employers are looking for during the recruitment for the company. A recruiter could not place much weight on the courses themselves.

Experts about the validity of Udemy certificates: 

About the Udemy platform which is about to provide online learning and technical education. Experts hold some reservations about it.

No preference to legitimize the Udemy courses:

Employers don’t prefer the legitimation of Udemy courses in the education portion of the resume until they are professionally recognized and provided by an accredited organization because according to them, Udemy is an unaccredited platform. That doesn’t preclude the possibility of doing Udemy coursework on your resume. It simply means that you must convert your Udemy certifications into a set of practical qualifications and experiences that are valuable to the recruiting company.

Employers prefer practical accomplishments:

Educational certificates and the skills you gain for the sake of gaining those credentials are different from each other. A recruiter might not give importance to the courses but he will like the pattern of your achievements and your work after making those accomplishments practical. A pattern of achievements resulting from the accumulation of skills gained in Udemy courses, as well as the determination, tenacity, curiosity, and ability to take responsibility for your learning, would be highly valued.

Consider your real experiences and the talents you have in the resume. This will make your resume more ideal and display yourself as a more preferred candidate for a recruiter. Concentrate your resume on your real talents rather than where you learned them. Illustrate that you’ve put everything you’ve studied on Udemy to use in a real-world scenario, and match the expertise to the work description’s requirements. Mention samples of tasks you were able to accomplish as a result of the skills you learned from Udemy.

Don’t sway the employers:

Professionally, you might be looking for low-cost opportunities to improve your qualifications, and Udemy certifications might be helpful for you to do that. You may be wondering whether Udemy certifications are appropriate to use in the education portion of your resume after obtaining a Certificate of Completion from this organization. Honestly speaking, Udemy certifications, on the whole, don’t carry much sway over contractors and employers. If you have any other professional opportunities or certifications which you secured from a formal institution, make sure to list them before any Udemy certifications.

When you committed with yourself to excluding these certificates from the educational portion of the resume, it will be best at all because you have to remember that they may be beneficial and they demonstrate your commitment to developing your art or technical skills. Any employers will inform you that those who want to improve are valued more highly than those who do not seek out new opportunities.

However, only have Udemy certifications that support the open position’s necessary skills. In case, when you’re looking for a position as a designer, you wouldn’t include a data protection degree.


As there are many platforms nowadays that are offering online educational courses which no doubt helping many of the people who require the distanced learning and technical skills to step into professional life. Every platform has it’s worth depending on their study material available to its audience.

When we talk about the performance of Udemy, we can picture it from the views of the audience and basically of employers that are the actual target of the job seekers. Surprisingly, many employers don’t even know the name and specifications of this platform. The employers don’t consider a worthy something that should be in the employee they are going to hire. They even don’t consider it a certification like that are granted from the official technical training centers. No doubt it is a certificate of completion of any course.

The employers are also against the legitimization of the validation of courses offered by the Udemy platform. They don’t consider the system of the Udemy platform trustworthy where anyone can upload his course and make offers. Employers try to find the technical skills in the employees; if they could, then no matter what kind of certifications did he get from any platform or an official technical institution. Udemy is an unaccredited platform for them. No doubt, there are many advantages for those who are learning online from Udemy, but what an employer needed is your technical skills and the experience from which they can take advantage of their company.

On the end note, Udemy certification through helping many people by their huge amount of study and technical courses but the employer’s needs are something different from scenario created by different platforms.

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