What Are Some Epic Packaging And Ad Fails

What Are Some Epic Packaging And Ad Fails?

What Are Epic Packaging And Ad Fails – The advertisement industry in the United States of America is at its peak, and almost every talented person wants to make a carrier in the advertisement industry. However, not most people do not have to be successful in the advertisement industry. Some of these people will cause blunders, and hence they will be kicked out from the industry.

What Are Some Epic Packaging And Ad Fails?

The idea of ads is unique. We will describe the ad industry a little bit before we can get to the most epic packaging and ad fails. It would be best if you kept in mind that there are two primary reasons they will sell a product in the market. One of the reasons is the ad for the product. It is effortless to understand.  Suppose a new product has to be launched in the market and the company decides that they will not carry out an advertisement for the product. What do you think will happen? Allow me to explain so that people have a clear idea about the whole concept.

If there is no advertisement, people living in the United States of America will not know about it. We should question ourselves that what will happen if people do not know about the product. If people do not know about the product, they will not buy it, and hence the product will be a colossal fail. Now we can say that this is an Ad fail that was committed by itself. Let me tell you another interesting fact.

The fact is that :

If there are products that people have used for a very long time, these products will not need an advertisement. People are well aware of the products and will prefer it over the other products even if they have carried out many ads and have much better packaging. But sometimes, even the old and mostly used brands will become unrecognizable by the people. In such cases, the company that makes the product will change its packaging and re-advertise it. By doing the re-advertising thing, people will remember the product again, and that company’s sales will increase.

However, these tactics don’t need to work all the time. I mean, c’mon! We are human beings, not machines. Human beings can also make mistakes. Sometimes the head of the ad or packaging department will commit a blunder, and it will lead to the unpopularity of the products. Multiple examples have happened in the past, leading to a whole functioning unit of a company shutting down.  Some of the most famous and epic packaging and ad fails are the following:

Orbitz Drink:

Ask yourself a question, have you ever heard of this drink? Your answer should be no, and there are several reasons you have never heard about this drink. One of the reasons is that the product is ancient and came out into the market in 1997. However, it did not become successful, and it causes significant damage to the company that produced the drink. The most exciting fact is that the company had to suffer so many losses that it was forced to discontinue the same month. It means that they introduced the product to the market in 1997, and they took it out from the market in 1997.

There were many reasons why the product could last in the market for a few months only. There were two significant blunders made by the people who were running the company. The first blunder was the advertisement blunder. The company who introduced the product did one of the most failed advertisements of the product. When financial experts investigated the matter, they found out that the person who was running the company had kept minimal funds for the product’s advertisement.

The financial experts in the United States of America said that the person was so overconfident that he ruined his company with his own hands. The first mistake he made was that he did not allocate the required funds for the product advertisement. The person who made the product had said that his drink would be so tasty that it will sell out in no time, and people will love it.

The Orbitz drink was a juice

But his plan failed because the people did not like the drink. First of all, it was not a fizzy drink. The shape of the bottle would speak for itself. Secondly, the shape of the bottle meant that there would be some fizzy drink inside, but it was just fruit juice. In those eras, most people use to drink fizzy drinks, and when they found out that Orbitz was not a fizzy drink, they did not even bother to suggest it to other people.

The Orbitz drink was a juice, and people did not like it. Some people say that it was not even juice. People could not describe it in the category of fluids. As a result, people were compelled to call it just a beverage. It was the Ad failure that the company faced. They could not even categorize their product. They did not even advertise their product correctly because they did not know what to call it.

However, the above was the ad fail of the products. Let us not discuss the packaging fail of the product. You will be surprised to see that the product had inadequate packaging too. It was so bad that some people in the United States of America did not even consider it a drink. They thought the company was selling some liquid that people could use for cleaning household items. We packed the beverage in a very odd bottle that was made out of glass. They gave the glass bottle an extraordinary shape, and it was uncomfortable to hold in hand.

In Google, you should write the word Orbitz 1997

Moreover, there were problems with the beverage itself. I will give you a task. It would help if you went on to your laptop and then go onto Google. In Google, you should write the word Orbitz 1997. Once you write it, go to the picture area of the page to see what the drink used to look like. When you look at the glass, you will see some small fruit spots inside the drink. Now, most of you might be wondering what these small balls are. It would help if you kept in mind that these balls were edible and did not harm the body. Infect the balls were made from gelatin and were considered safe.

However, the people felt a lot of discomforts when the balls used to fall in their mouths. The people had to chew the balls before they can swallow them, and it wasn’t enjoyable, as people could not enjoy their drink. Moreover, people also said that if people used to drink without chewing the balls, they would get stuck in the throat, and people would face many discomforts. As a restful, we can say that the product had a terrible advertisement strategy. Secondly, it had extensive packaging fails, and lastly, the beverage didn’t even taste that good; instead, it was annoying to drink.

What lessee we can learn from the failure of the Orbitz produc

We should now see what lessee we can learn from the failure of the Orbitz product. According to these products, we can see that initially, the product is sold in massive amounts to customers it felt attractive, and people had never tried it before. As a result, many people wanted to try the drink and how the balls in the glass tasted like. People were curious because they had never introduced such a drink to the United States of America market ever before.

Due to these reasons, there was a drastic increase in sales of the product. However, when people realized that the product’s price was not worth the price, they stopped buying it. As a result, the product sales fell drastically, and the company suffered many losses. The lesson learned from this product is that if you want to bring diversity and something new to the market, you will have to work extremely hard because if people do not like the product, the millions invested in making the product will go to waste.

Juicero (2016 – 2017):

 The product’s name looks pretty odd, but most of you might have heard about it. Let me explain about the product Juicero. Juicero was a juicing machine that could take out juice from fruits. Most of you might say that it was a juicer, but it was no a juicer. It is because you could not put a random fruit and take out the juice from it. The company that provided the Juicero machine also provided small packs that had crushed fruits.

The pack had to be emptied into the Juicero machine, and the machine would then take the juice out of it. Initially, everyone liked the concept, but it could not make its place in the United States of America market. However, when it came out, it created so much hype that everyone wanted to buy and see what it was. Furthermore, the promotion was so much that many mega-companies also invested in it. One of the top companies, such as Google, had invested 100 million dollars in the product.

On seeing this, many people gained interest in the product and wanted to see what it was. Furthermore, some people wanted to buy the product and test it for other things. Most people in the United States of America will be wondering why it was such as failure in terms of advertisement and packaging. Let me explain so that people have a clear idea about the whole concept. The company did not advertise the product appropriately.

The advertisement said that the product would produce fresh juice from the fruits

The advertisement said that the product would produce fresh juice from the fruits; however, that was not the case. The company did not mention that they would be providing packets that had crushed food in them. The boxes themselves would cost the customers 5 to 10 dollars depending on the fruit inside the product. During their advertisement, they kept on using the word fresh fruits, so it created so much hype amongst the people in the United States of America. However, the fruit was processed and kept in small packages.

They also face packaging failures, and due to the packaging fails, it was considered the worst product in terms of packaging. The company provided a small juicer that would crush the small packets and take the juice out. The real trouble and failure were discovered when people used to destroy the boxes using their hands. It was time for People should not to send the product to the markets anymore. In simple words, people living in the United States of America can fully understand the whole concept.

The company provided machines to crush the packets, but the people said that if they could easily crush the boxes using their hands, there was no need to buy the 100 dollars’ worth juicer. Furthermore, it would help if you kept in mind that the company generated many sales in the first two months, but it was because of the unnecessary hype created by the people. Large companies who invested their money in the product also lost most of their money. We learn that if the product is new to the market, it tells the truth to the people and keeps the price low not to criticize the product.

New Coke:

People brought the new coke into the market in 1985. It remained in the market till 2002, but people disliked it, and it upset the loyal people of coke. In 1985, Coke and Pepsi were competitors, and coke felt that Pepsi was going forward and gaining more success. The fear of losing in the international market forced coke to change a few things with their products. Coke had used one formula for making their drink for the past 99 years, and people were satisfied with it, but it was losing the economic war to Pepsi.

As a result, coke finally decided to change their product. If you compare the taste of Pepsi to coke, you will notice that Pepsi is much sweeter than coke. As a result, coke also changed its formula and made the “New Coke.” However, it was not successful. Moreover, it also upset the loyalist drinking coke for the past 10 to 20 years. Coke could not take it as it suffered a lot of losses.

Coke product hoping that they would attract Pepsi customers towards it.

They made a mistake because they tried to copy their competitor and did not think about the people who loved the simple formula of coke. Due to these reasons, coke had to shift to older production after 77 days only. But they did not discontinue the New Coke product hoping that they would attract Pepsi customers towards it. In addition to this, they failed and were forced to stop the New Coke product in 2002.

There are a few lessons that we learned from it. One study was that a company should always take care of what their customers want. Just like the customers are loyal to the company, the company should also be dedicated to the customers. Moreover, once a mistake has been made, the company should fix it as soon as possible to gain back the trust of the loyal customers.

McDonald’s Arch Deluxe:

The Mcdonald’s arch deluxe burger was yet another packaging, and advertising fail. In the late 90,s, they knew McDonald’s to have a kid’s menu. Moreover, we can say that Mcdonald’s mainly focused on producing food meant for the children. However, Mcdonald’s tried to change things a little bit. They decided to bring the deluxe arch burger.

So what was the arch deluxe burger? The deluxe arch burger was also called the adult burger because it had two patties, different sauces, and some lettuce. Since Mcdonald’s was kid-dominated, the children did not like it, and hence Mcdonald’s had no choice but to discontinue the burger. Furthermore, they also had to bring some new additions to the kid’s section to gain the people’s trust again.

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