Should I Build An Ecommerce Site From Scratch

Should I Build An Ecommerce Site From Scratch?

Should I Build An Ecommerce Site From Scratch – Constructing a website is a difficult task, and it consumes a lot of time and energy. An E-commerce website consists of many products that different companies sell. It takes a lot of time to manage everything. 

Is building an e-commerce site from scratch a good idea?

The general reasons:

There are many things and areas we need to cover to describe this topic in detail. There is a reason for this, and the reason is that the website is a vast thing, and it involves many things. E-commerce is also a website, and it includes a lot of stuff too. If we look at e-commerce, it consists of many things and is different from other websites. I will explain using an example to have a better idea of what I am trying to explain.

Follow my instructions, and you will understand better. Go and open up google and open two tabs in it. In one account, write the address for a blog page. In the other bar, with an address for an e-commerce website. There are many such websites, and you can choose anyone from them. For instance, you select amazon and write its address in the address bar.

 If you open up two pages side by side, you will get to know the difference. On Amazon, you will see different tabs that lead to other subpages, and it will also have pictures of products. Don’t forget to notice the extra feature buttons such as buy item or add to cart or apply the discount. Who can not see all these additional features on regular web pages?

Not most of you must be wondering why this is related to building an e-commerce site from scratch. Allow me to give you an example so that you can have a better understanding of what I want to tell you. For instance, you are a mechanic, and you are given two tasks. The first task is to build a car by attaching parts and make a car out of those parts.

The second task is to make the same car, but you have to first make the parts on your own and then use the features to make the car. What do you think would be easier, making the car and the details by yourself or making the car by adding up the already made car parts? Of course, it would be easy for the vehicle that already has available details.

Now you see the e-commerce website acts in the same way. Most of you might say that we have to add up all those toggle buttons and stuff, but that is not correct, and this has something to do with coding. Coding is a necessary procedure when we talk about e-commerce websites. Everything on the website requires a specific code. Let me explain using an example sot gat you may have a better understanding of the whole concept. If you go on to a website, you will see different buttons, such as the buttons for buy, the controls for following, the regulator for add to cart.

All of these buttons have a different code. Not only this, each button will have specific colors or characteristics. The extra things on the bottom will have other regulations. You are now coming to the point if we should write the code from scratch or not. It further depends on the experience you have had as a programmer. If you are a fresh programmer, you should avoid doing the program from scratch, and there are several reasons for this.

The first reason is that there is a high chance that you will get confused if you look at all the codes, and you might mess up everything. Another critical factor is time. Time is very crucial when you are coding because the company at the back end wants you to finish the work as soon as possible. If you do not do this, they might even fire you, so it is best safe than to be sorry. Moreover, if there are any mistakes while submitting the code, your job might be in danger.

Therefore if you are a fresh programmer, it is better that you do not start the code and make the website from scratch. Now, most of you might be wondering how a fresh programmer will find the parts for making the website. It is effortless. He needs to fund himself such websites to provide him the details of code for creating the code.

 There are two reasons why he should do this. The first reason is that these codes are authentic, and the other reason is that it would be easy for him to manage as the code would be divided. Moreover, it would also take him lesser time. As a result, we recommend using partial code for the more minor options and not starting the code from scratch. 

 Factors about design:

Moreover, there are other reasons you should not start the program from scratch, and it has to do with the design of the e-commerce website. I will explain using an example. For instance, when you go to a nearby shopping plaza and buy a couple of items. The next thing you have to do is pay the bill. Now notice that when you pay the bill, it involves a lot of precultures.

I will explain these procedures one by one. When you pay a bill and ask for a discount, the person will cut the price for you. Moreover, if you come later and want to add another thing and it person on the counter will change the bill on the counter. It is easy if it is done using paper and pen. But you must have noticed that if there is a computerized system at a shop, it becomes problematic. It is what I am trying to explain. Calculations are much tricky when you code, and they might become even more confusing if you do them while coding. As a result, it is recommended that you do not start it from scratch. If you do this, you will again face two problems.

These problems are two in number. The first problem is that it will take you a lot of time to start it from scratch. Moreover, if your mathematical base is weak, you won’t be able to test the program if it is correct or not. Let me explain this using an example so that you may understand fully. For instance, you make an object such as a knife. And you have a task that you will have to present to a group of experts. Due to this reason, you need to test it again and again so that there is no issue.

Now this person knows the knife, so there is no issue. But if you are testing such as software and cannot test it, there are high chances that the code may cause problems later on. Moreover, messing with numbers while coding can be risky, and it involves a lot of experience. Hence it is best not to start the program from scratch and look for already made codes for such functions.

Security issues:  

Security is the top thing required in anything, especially when we live in the current era. If you or your surroundings are not secure, there Is a high chance that you will face a lot of trouble financially and morally. Security is of utmost importance when we deal with websites.

 Allow me to explain using an example so that you have a better understanding of what I want you to understand. For instance, you buy a car, and you live in an area where external security is deficient. So what is the first thing you will do? You can’t change the security position of the outside world, so you have another option. And that option is to make the thing you buy as secure as possible so that you have no threat from the outside world.

As a result, you will buy a car that has all the latest safety features so that when you park it in a neighborhood with higher crime rates, you will not have to worry as the car you bought has the safety features, and no one would take it away even if they tried to. 

The same is the case when you are dealing with web pages. If we relate it to the car, you can consider the outside environs as the internet itself. Most of you must know that the internet is not a safe place and terrible things happen. It is filled with people who deliberately scam people and get hold of their money. They do this by snatching their information using phishing and pharming and use that info to get hold of the capital.

These scammers and electronic media thieves are the outside worlds, and the car is your website. You will try your best to save your webpage from facing any discrepancies by these scammers or thieves. As a result, you have to be very careful while writing the code of your program. The code you write is very complex, and if you lose any loopholes, it will become a problem for you. These loopholes may be in the form of buys or issues in the security code.

Moreover, you should be aware that an e-commerce website is all about money and transactions. If there is any such issue from your hand side, all the people who use your e-commerce website will have to suffer as they manage finances and you. In addition to this, your money is also on the line.

Not let us know if you should write the code from scratch or have others help you out. The best way is to include many people while writing the code for ensuring security, and there are two benefits of this. These benefits are significant as the financial ground depends on them. The first one is that it will save you time. If more people are managing one website, they will be able to finish it quickly.

The second reason is also important, and it involves numerous checks of the code. Allow me to explain this using an example too. If you want to make a house, the first step is to create a plan and sketch a map. The next step is to approve the agenda. Just one person does not do approval, and there are several reasons they don’t do it. The first is that a house is an essential place for a human and if any discrepancies in the map, it can come falling in the family.

As a regular, a lot of people have to approve it before they give orders for construction. The same is the case with coding. If you have a lot of team members, it will be supported by all of them. The code will be approved if they go through all the code and find no problems. It is human nature that if one person agrees to it, he won’t find any issues, but if another person checks it, he might find problems. As a result, a lot of problems are resolved using this method.

However, you should keep one thing in mind: the team members should be fully aware of all the plans. Moreover, the question arises if we should make it from scratch or not. If you are dealing with security, you must check and everything.

For instance, If you hire a security team, you will check every person so that the main person they are protecting remains safe. The same is the case with coding an eCommerce website. If you take the partial codes from untrusted sources, they might be the reason for a massive loss as they will create loopholes in your program. As a result, you should make and everything from scratch and under your supervision.

Why should we not make eCommerce websites from scratch?

Some people think that if ready-made eCommerce platforms are made, why do you need to make everything from scratch. It is also a very valid point, and you should consider this. There are many multiple ready codes available on the internet to make an eCommerce website. I can also give you the names of some websites. These websites will help you, and you should trust them because they are fully certified, and hence you won’t face any issues. Some of these websites include VARstreet. It will help you in launching your online eCommerce website. 

Moreover, there are multiple other benefits of using these ready-made codes. They have a drag and drop option in them. Allow me to explain this so that you may understand fully. The drag and drop functionality means that you can drag from one place and drop it in the other. Most of you might be wondering which area we will carry it and where we will drop it. It’s effortless. You will remove it from the place where it is placed, such as the website VARstreet and drop it in the place where you are creating your website. It makes it very easy to handle, and you will not face any problems related to errors or loopholes.

Secondly, there are other reasons why this may be a good approach. The platform has a lot of templates with different designs and shapes, and colors. If you have to make these will coding, you will have to write another code for every characteristic. Moreover, they are connected with mega finance companies such as apple pay, google pay and PayPal. The linkage is essential as it provides a secure transaction, and hence you won’t have to worry about your money getting lost.

Moreover, these ready-to-make websites are linked with significant media company companies; thus, you will have high-quality pictures for your products. It helps in attracting the customers and hence increasing the revenue of the company.


From all of the above, we conclude that we choose the option of creating from scratch. The disadvantage of this is that it will be time-consuming. 

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