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Is It Possible To Install Windows 10 Without Formatting A PC?

How to Install Windows 10 – PC is an electronic device called a personal computer, consists of a CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Pc is an operating system use in our daily life. It performs many tasks at one time it makes our life easier. For example, if you want to relax your mind you can play the game on this system, if you want to time pass you can also hear a song which you want, through this system you can make communicate, send your email in very little time. Its size is large you can easily watch a movie, dramas on it with the help of the internet. By using the internet, you can gain a lot of knowledge through the computer. If you want to take online classes, you can also use your personal computer for online classes as well as for online teaching.

Windows is a group of the operating system

For the running of a computer, we need windows. Windows is a group of the operating system which is developing by Microsoft. There are different versions of windows that allow us to read all folders and different files. Mostly we use different windows for the operating of the personal computer. Almost 90% of personal computers run through using different versions of Windows like Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 7, etc.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is a new version of the Microsoft Windows operating system for your personal computer, laptop. The initial date of release of Windows 10 is 15 July 2015. After manufacturing this Windows was released for public use on 29 July 2015.

Every electronic device has different memory like when you will talk about the computer it can be easy for your device to carry Windows 10. Windows 10 is a major and newly updated version of windows so it’s difficult for your electronic device to handle it. If you are using a very outdated device, then you will be unable to handle this Windows 10. For handling this Windows 10 your device must consist of the following conditions.

  • Firstly, have a look at your display of the device it must be 800 by 600, if the display is above this then your device will handle this Windows 10
  • Now have a second look at your Random Access Memory(RAM). Your RAM must consist of 1GB for 32bit, 2GB for 64 bit and above it.
  • Then we will talk about the processor. Every computer has processors in it, this processor works fast and sometimes slows on different devices. If the processor is one GHz and works very fast, then your device will handle this Windows 10
  • Hard disk relates to your RAM. Your hard disk consists of 16 gigabytes for 32bits operating system or 20 gigabytes for 64 bits operating system.


When you installed Windows 10 on your device then how will it work? Following are points that help you to understand the working of Windows 10.




  • Firstly, you saw the screen, the screen of the device is called desktop, some folders which are shown on left sides on your screen are called icons. Below the screen there is a bar mostly in black color this is called the taskbar. This is basic information about these three sections.
  • There is a start menu button in the left corner of the taskbar. Click this button then you will see different options here. There is an option of a most used icon on the upper left side. When you click this button, applications which you used most of the time and folders on which you worked very much will open.
  • If you want to see all applications, then there is an option of “All apps”. Click on this option then you will see different apps. These apps are arranged in alphabetical order. There is a scroll bar with the help of it you can easily watch all apps. If you want to close it then press the button “back”.
  • Suppose you want to search a file for this purpose. There is a small tab within the side of the start menu button for searching. You can search any app, program, or folder. In this small tab, you can easily search for anything if you have an internet connection.

You can also change the size of display boxes

  • If you want to open any file. There is the option of “file explorer” with the help of this button you can easily access all files. When you click it all documents, files, desktop, etc. will explore.
  • You can see here the difference; the image of the desktop is different in Windows 10 as compared to Windows XP. But some options are the same as in Windows XP like the process of cut, copy, paste, creating a folder, renaming a folder, etc.
  • Now at last there is an option of setting. Click on it. Then some more options will produce on your screen like system, devices, accounts setting, personalization, etc. If you want to set anything you can do it here.
  • After it, there is an option of power. When you click it three more options will show i.e. sleep mode, shut down, restart.
  • In Windows 10 there are displayed boxes in the start menu. You can remove these boxes. You can also change the size of display boxes and also replace them with other apps.
  • If you want to change to make your start menu large. Then click on the side of the start menu and drag it. It becomes large or vice versa. This feature is not present in an outdated version of Windows.

Advantages of Windows 10:

Windows 10 are more beneficial than other Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc. which’s why it becomes one of the most used operating systems. Following are some reasons which influence users why they should have to use this Windows:

1)Update your system for a long time:

If you are using windows 10 then you need to update your system after a very long time like you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8 you need to update your system early as compare to updating windows 10. When you are using Windows 10 you don’t need to update it for a very long time. For example, you installed Windows 10 on your PC in 2005 then you will update it in 2010.

2)Universal apps:

The big promise of this operating system is it allows you to run a lot of apps on your device. For example, you want to install a large number of apps like Instar, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, and A lot of different games, etc. It helps all apps to work smoothly. You can easily install any type of app in it.

3)Start menu

In other windows like in windows 7 when you click the start menu button and looking for any file suddenly it disappeared it may confuse you or creates disturbance while you are working. But it never happens in Windows 10 so no disturbance occurs.

4)Protection from Virus/Security

When Windows 10 arrived quality of protection of the system’s data automatically improved. For example, with this operating system, you can easily lock your personal computer with a fingerprint or face-recognized lock or password that is uncheckable. Not only this it also protects our files, data from viruses. This is the best antivirus software for our computers/laptops. Windows defender antivirus is advanced software included in Windows 10. This advanced software is best for your software if you want to protect your computer laptop against any digital problem.

5)DirectX 12

DirectX 12 is an advanced improvement in Windows 10. This is very full of gamers. If you love to play different types of games, then this software is best for you. Due to it, less power will be used. This allows the best calculation for our games. DirectX 12 ensures that our computer games are displayed in the best graphical way or not.

6)Touch screen

If you are using any hybrid device for example you are using a Microsoft Surface tablet. Upgrade this with Windows 10. Your device will work more efficiently. If you install this software, you can easily operate it.

7)Fully control your operating system

When the control center of Windows 10 is updated it becomes so simple for switching your applications on and off easily as compared to previous operating systems. This allows you to decide when the computer switched on what program you want to start.

8)More advanced

Windows 10 helps our device to operate at a good speed. Functions that are performed by Windows 10 is faster than another operating system. When you start your computer this starts up timing, loading of files, and battery consuming is too much better than other previous operating systems. The personal computer becomes more efficient with the help of Windows 10.

9)Windows 10 apps

When you installed different applications in Windows 10. You can share these apps with another device like a mobile, tablet. These apps run on any device easily.


You can connect your mobile tablet with your PC and laptop and use your mobile or tablet like a PC with the help of a keyboard and mouse. It means your Windows 10 will run through any device.

11)Searching point

There is a searching point in the start screen menu. You can make an easy online search just like this If you want to make an online voice search you can also do it here. There is a button press this button and hold it, speaks what you want to search, and leave this button. Make sure that you have an internet connection.


Windows 10 is stable as compared to Windows 7 and Windows 8. There is a large number of bugs in Windows 10. But in windows 7 and Windows 8 icons in Taskbar disabled, there are problems with audio. When you copy-paste errors occur.

We can install Windows 10 on our personal computer we also need this Windows for the best working of our PC. But here’s the question is can we install Windows 10 without formatting or losing our data. Of course yes we can easily install Windows 10 on our PC without formatting as you have already installed Windows 7/Windows 8 but you got bored you want to install Windows 10 for your Personal computer then you can easily install it without losing your files, documents, etc. If you have already windows 7 or windows 8 but want to install Windows 10. Can you do this? Yes, you can do this. There is a process which is following. The following are some steps that help you to understand how to install Windows 10 on your device.

Download Windows 10

If you don’t have Windows 10 on your USB. You want to download it to your device then make a good internet connection. After connecting internet download windows 10. Downloading speed will consist of your internet speed. If you have a good internet connection, you can download it in a few minutes. But if you don’t have a good internet connection then it will take much time while downloading. Might be possible you can use 4GB internet between downloading. After downloading Windows 10 your device will verify your download. After it, it will create Windows 10 media. After completing this process your device will prepare your Windows 10.


  • When you download Windows 10. A box will be shown on your screen through which it takes information for updating. This will ask you for the license you have to click on “Accept”.
  • This is the final step of installation. Your device will ask you “are you ready to install”? If you can see two options, then continuing installation. These options will be:

      1st option: Install Windows 10 Pro

2nd option: Keep personal files and apps

  • The second option will give you surety that after installing Windows 10 your device will remain as it is. If you find these options, then click on “Install”
  • Your PC will restart several times while installing Windows 10. The timing of completing this process will consist of your data like if you have much data in your device then it will take much time in installing.
  • After completing this process your PC will restart and loading files (don’t press any key between this process). Then Windows 10 will work on updates so don’t turn off your PC. When your Windows 10 updating your PC will restart several times.
  • Then a box will appear on your screen. According to your needs, you can choose privacy settings for your device and click on “Accept”.
  • Finally, you Windows 10 installed on your PC, laptop, etc.

The drawback of Windows 10

As we know that Windows 10 is the most advanced software. Most people use this software to operate their systems. This is useful and the most acceptable software in the world. But sometimes this software is less acceptable due to some reasons like due to loss of your important data maybe you don’t want to install it. So following are some reasons and drawbacks of Windows 10:

1)Privacy may be affected

People criticized this operating system because of private data. Because this operating system also deals with our private data. Microsoft doesn’t know about user data that is installed in your Windows 10. There are tools in our computer which look after and analyze our computer behavior. Automatically these applications are installed.

2)Old apps working affected

When you installed Windows 10 without formatting. Your previous files, program, applications may be affected. For example, your previous games may no longer work in this new operating system. There is some online giving recommended instructions and requirements you have to read these instructions to make sure that Windows 10 works properly on your computer or laptop. When you installed Windows 10 you have to read these instructions and checking your computer it will be time and energy-consuming.


When you upgrade to Windows 10 there is the possibility of losing the program. Like Windows photo viewer will be removed after upgrading, the DVD player will not be available in your Windows 10.


If you want to buy Windows 10 price will be much more than windows 7 and Windows 8. This Windows 10 is a more advanced software and has many features that’s why this software is very expensive.

Why Windows 10 is better than Windows 7 and Windows 8?

Policies are almost the same in Windows 7 and Windows 8 for major updates. But now Microsoft produces a tool for uninstalling bad updates on Windows 10. Windows 10 preserve our data including our content like emails and our private communication etc. In the start menu button, when you click it. More apps will be displayed on start if you want to replace any app you can replace the apps according to your wishes. If you want to remove any display box, you can do it here.

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