How To Fix Trust Wallet Connecting In PancakeSwap Exchange

How To Fix Wallet Connecting In PancakeSwap Exchange – n this video find out how to connect Trust Wallet on PancakeSwap very simple to fix in the PancakeSwap Exchange.

PancakeSwap is a crypto exchange that allows you to swap cryptocurrencies and tokens in a fast and efficient way. Although, this platform can be very confusing to use and tough to understand.

Here is a quick video to walk you through how to fix connecting your Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap:

Steps to fix Wallet not connecting in PancakeSwap:

  1. Open the website.
  2. Then go to the sidebar and click “Trade” then “Exchange” this will open the dashboard to start swapping tokens and cryptos.
  3. Then click “Connect” in the top right corner.
  4. A window should open that allows you to select your wallet. Don’t select your wallet.
  5. Instead of selecting your wallet, select “WalletConnect”.
  6. Then a new window will open up that has almost every wallet possible.
  7. In this example we will select “Trust” which should be the second wallet option.
  8. Once you click that you will be redirected and will need to Open In The Trust Wallet App.
  9. Once you allow it to open in the Trust Wallet App, click the bottom bar “Connect” which will now connect your Trust Wallet to the PancakeSwap platform.
  10. Do not close your wallet, keep it open and go back to Safari or Google that you had to original tab open for
  11. Once you return back to the website that you had open. Before being redirected click to go back to the main exchange. This is where you can start trading and swapping tokens and cryptos.
  12. Now in the top right corner you should see your specific wallet ID is connected.

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