How To Detect And Remove Spyware From iPhone

How To Detect And Remove Spyware From iPhone?

How To Detect And Remove Spyware From iPhone – You get a creepy feeling when you get to know that someone is stalking you. If you have Spyware on your iPhone and your information is hacked, then the surface is similar. Though iPhones are not easy to hack because of their specific system from androids, if you get unlucky, there are ways to detect and remove them.

How to detect Spyware?

Spyware is an unethical virus used to hack your device and access all your data, including the emails and text messages you send and voice notes you record, pictures, videos, etc. Hence all your data is in the hand of a hacker, and he can monitor you all the time. Spyware is a malicious virus that is not so easy to detect, it can be in your phone right now, and you won’t even have an idea.

Although Spyware is not easy to install on iPhones. Why? Because iPhones do not let unauthorized apps be in their apple store. It won’t open unsecured websites until the device is jailbroken. Jailbroken means that tech people use their techniques to uplift the iPhone’s restrictions, which helps an iPhone holder install apps and use websites that Apple does not authorize. Through Spyware, the hacker can locate you and use keyboard loggers to get your passwords and numbers.

If a device is jailbroken, then it is easy to install Spyware. The hacker can send you a text message with a link, maybe it’s in your drive, or perhaps you get a connection through an email. As I mentioned, this malicious virus can be in your phone, and you won’t get a common sign, but there are some signs through which you can detect a virus.

Continuous battery drainage and overheating:

You will observe continuous battery drainage. Because the virus is working in the background and your phone will start to get overheated within a short time of use. A good iPhone does not overheat quickly, but it overheats within a short amount of time when it has a virus.

If you are an avid mobile gamer or have many videos on your device, you might know that your battery span is low, but even if you are not using the device and your battery keeps getting low all the time, then this is a concern.

Though batteries tend to get old and worn out with time, which results in the drainage and heating of your battery and phone but before changing your device, check and scan your device if there is a virus.

Continuous login requests:

Login requests for your apple Id are a genuine concern. It happens when you have signed up for two-factor authentication and continuously receive login codes in your email or text form. It means that someone is trying to use your accounts for their use, and it is a clear indication that your Mobile is infected with malicious Spyware. It is a concern because your credentials might be in the hands of hackers. They might misuse your apple account or even get access to your financial statements and details. In such a case, immediately change all your passwords but not from the same device. Log in to your Apple account from a different device along with report the security issues to Apple.

Unknown apps and websites:

One significant sign of Spyware in your iPhone device is that you will have unknown apps and websites on your phone which you don’t even remember to install. If the iPhone is jailbroken, then these apps will get installed on your phone easily. That’s why along with apple security, install a good security app that will detect unknown apps and ask for your permission to install it. These security apps will let you know that someone else has access to your data.

Data usage:

If you have Spyware on your iPhone, then you might face data drainage, too, along with batter drainage. The hacker might turn on your mobile data to transfer or have access to your data. If you notice that your mobile data is getting wasted without any usage and recharge your mobile balance again and again, then get your iPhone scanned or checked because Spyware might be there on your iPhone.

Unusual messages and ads:

You might be receiving unusual messages about an advertisement for which you didn’t even sign up. Whenever you are browsing the Internet or some social media app, an ad pop up or a text pops up on your screen. It is a clear indication that your iPhone is infected with a spyware or adware virus.

How to remove Spyware?

After detection, the question arises on how to remove Spyware. Spywares are usually hidden in a file or an application. Removing Spyware is not as easy as deleting the files. A spyware removal requires a few steps or some techniques. Got Spyware in your iPhone; you don’t need to worry about it. You can remove it by just a factory reset, updating your software, deleting suspicious apps, etc.

Perform a factory reset:

A factory reset means removing all your data from your device. To remove Spyware, you will have to erase all forms of data. Make sure that you should back your data up by using iCloud or iTunes before cleaning up.

How can you perform? Factory resetting is not a complicated process rather a two min easy process. You have to go to settings and tap on the ‘general’ option. In the general tab, you will find the option of ‘reset’ at the bottom if you scroll down. Select ‘erase all content’ and confirm.

By doing a factory reset, you will clean all your data and remove everything, including the Spyware, after the resetting step doesn’t restore your data. If you correct your data on the device, who will install the Spyware again? All of these factors applied for resetting the process will go in vain, and the person will not benefit.

Update your iPhone system:

iPhone has one of the best security systems in the world. Always remember to update your iPhone. Hackers mostly look for exploitation and default in the system. Whenever there is a default in the design, they will try to install Spyware. Apple mainly updates the software, especially the security one. Once the software is updated, the hacker cannot monitor your data anymore. You cannot get rid of Spyware if your IOS is not updated. Even the security apps won’t help if you don’t update your software. You always get a red notification in your settings, general and software tabs.

Once you reach the software tab by going through settings and general accounts, click on the update option, agree to all the terms and conditions and download the software. It will help remove the Spyware as the hacker would have to look for a default in the new system and reinstall the Spyware, which is a long process.

Install security apps:

Installing antivirus and security apps is the best option for removing Spyware. Antiviruses like McAfee, Avast, Norton are the best in use. They are available at discounts and provide a sound security system. They prevent fake scams, block ads and pop-up ads, warn you before opening unsecured links and regularly scan your device and update you about it. Norton mainly protects your passwords and financial details and also protects you from identity theft. McAfee especially can permanently delete sensitive files. Another antivirus app called Bit finder works well in protecting Mac, android, and windows.

Delete suspicious apps:

Deleting and removing suspicious apps is a crucial process. If there is Spyware on your device, you might notice various apps and even websites that you didn’t download or open.

If you notice such apps, then immediately remove those apps by completely deleting them. Because who might hide the Spyware in such apps. By deleting the apps, you are deleting the virus from your iPhone.

Even if you open unique websites and apps by mistake, stay cautious that you do not have to enter your passwords and financial details. Such scam apps often take up your data and then misuse it.

Types of Spyware:

Depending on the type of spy, there are different types of Spyware having other targets.

Hidden spy apps:

These are the most commonly used type of iPhone Spyware. They are less costly hence can be easily purchased. By using this Spyware, a hacker can access a vast amount of your data, including email, messages, current location, photos, and much more. This Spyware, once installed, can easily monitor all the activity from your IOS device, and in the worst case, they can even turn on the cameras and microphones to watch and listen secretly.

Zero-day exploits:

Zero-day exploits are a sporadic case, and this happens when the hackers or third-party app owners notice a system default or weakness in the authorized apps. Upon exposure to the defect, the app faces exploitation, and developers quickly resolve the problem. Meanwhile, the hackers install Spyware in the iPhone user, and they don’t even need to install it a bit physically; instead, they use a computer.

iCloud backup attack

Hackers also use the iCloud attack to steal data from an iPhone. It happens when a hacker targets the backups stored in the iCloud account of your device. It is dangerous because once the hacker gains access to iCloud backup, they can download all of the data you have backed up. By getting Apple ID login details, the iCloud account can be easily hacked. It is carried entirely by the Internet, thus making it nearly impossible to detect. To protect your device from this attack, you should enable two-factor authentication with your Apple ID.

Rogue enterprise apps:

This method gives a hacker the ability to download the apps on your device not approved by Apple. It happens by bypassing the strict security measure of the App store by installing the apps differently rather than using the App Store. These attacks are not quite visible because the hacker often gives them names that sound innocent to the user or even might hide them in the utility folder to remain unnoticed.

Misusing legitimate apps:

Pre-installed apps can be misused to share the location of the victim with the hacker. It gives the hacker access to the victim’s device for a short time. In this short period, a hacker can change the Apple account’s login information and can also collect browser history. As no extra apps or codes are installed to hack a device, these types of attacks go unnoticed for months, allowing them to gain complete information about the user.

Why is Spyware dangerous for you?

Installing Spyware in your device and use it as a tool for monitoring is itself a crime. It is dangerous because it is a source of cyberstalking. Hackers can monitor you 24/7 if they have their virus on your phone. In cyberstalking, hackers will mostly keep a check on your messages, they might track your application location all the time because of the GPS, and they even have a review on your monitors.

One big reason why it is so dangerous is that a hacker has full access to your social media and all the data, including your search history, pictures, videos, voice recordings, and messages. Many cases have been reporting where the hacker blackmails the victims by using the data and giving threats like leaking their data.

The hackers who sell data can earn a lot from it. They also ask for a considerable amount of money, and if you give it for one time, they will continue blackmailing you. Identity theft and stealing money are also common. Hackers can use your identity to take your money from your bank, they can make new bank accounts and take loans that will give you lifelong trouble, and you might suffer from some mental problems like anxiety and stress. They can steal your money by using your mobile data and using your financial data.

How to protect your phone from Spyware?

Every iPhone holder is concerned about how to protect their iPhone from Spyware and other viruses. There are several ways through which you can save your iPhone from hacking. Firstly, do not click on any link which comes in messages or your emails. Whenever you are browsing, make sure the sites are secure and are HTTP or HTTPS. Whenever you are installing apps, make sure that it’s from the official apple store and not from some third party. Because third parties apps most often install malware.

Continuously update your phone. Updating will let your iPhone have a better security system and protect your phone from any vulnerabilities. Moreover, if it is possible, then install some antivirus apps or virus detecting apps. It is for when you are using public Wi-Fi and if someone tries to hack at that time. Always put up two-factor authentication with your Apple Id.

It is a careful step and helps in the protection from any malicious attack. Similarly, put up a strong password. If it’s a pin code, make sure it’s a difficult one and not a simple one like ‘0000’. If it’s a password, then it should be of more than four letters. It is even better if you use a mix of letters and digits. Add a physical security check as well, for example, face detection, fingerprint detection, etc. Also, remember to scan your device from time to time to be aware of any malicious virus.


Despite Apple having the best security versions globally, iPhone still has to face hacking and Spyware problems. Apple tries its best to update the IOS, but you still need to protect iPhone from different spyware attacks. Do you have an idea about the indications of having Spyware in your device and immediately take action to remove it? Otherwise, you can be in big trouble.

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