Post Coursera And Udemy Certificates In Linkedin?

How Do I Post My Coursera And Udemy Certificates In LinkedIn?

The Udemy online education program generates courses in a variety of subjects such as production, enterprise, architecture, and networking. Expert instructors teach the courses available on Udemy. Students may also use the broad selection of courses to develop new knowledge and achieve their objectives.

Coursera is a website that provides online courses from well-academic institutions. Every Coursera category takes before the teaching material that you can replay whenever you want. Massive Open Online Courses is the full name for MOOCs.

How to post Udemy and Coursera certificates on Linkedin?

  • Assigning in, go to your personal LinkedIn profile page. Follow the link to the section Licenses & Certification requirements. Select the “+” button. You’ll need to add this section if you don’t see it already. To provide it, go to your account’s top and press the Add Profile Section button. Then press the “+” icon beside Credentials and Approvals under Context. 
  • A box will pop up where you can insert the data of your certification. Enter the certification’s name (I’d add the course title here). Keep writing “Coursera,” “Udemy,” or the label of just about every training tool you use in the Authorizing Association box. You should simply choose a company that most closely resembles the issuer of your certificate.
  • Put your credential code in the Certificate ID section if you already have one. You can however copy/paste the path to that certificate into the Certification URL field if you just want. It’s worth noting that both of these are discretionary.
  • When you’re finished, click Save, and Insert others if you need to add too many accreditations.

Does the Coursera certificate have any importance? 

How to post a certification on LinkedIn should be well on Coursera’s webpage. That’s what we recommend you to do that in the same way. It recommends that you include it in the certificate chapter of your profile along with other information like the registration number, certificate name, jurisdiction, and appropriate link (if any). 

How do I insert the courser credential in Linkedin;

You’ll be able to use your credential after you’ve completed a course on Udemy or Coursera.  Your username, as well as the details of the curriculum including your teachers, appear on this certificate. Your certificate on Udemy has hidden away behind a few buttons that are easily missed. That’s why there is a complete guide for you to put together a quick guide with snapshots to help you find your certificate. Our team then helps with the process of sharing your certification. Select the course in which you would like to get a certificate by clicking on it.

There are 2 options on the strategy to combat that can lead to your certificate. The first can be found in the course page’s top corner. “Get credential” is the name of this icon. A drop-down message will be displayed when you click it. Click another “Find diploma” option from this one. It is not available to users’ devices. Whether this is the situation, move on to the curriculum portal section after watching the tutorial video. Select the “Assessment” tab and scroll to the bottom to the “Accreditations” section. Select “Udemy credential” from the drop-down menu. Even when you’ve arrived at the certification tab, your credential will be shown prominently. There’s also a link that lets you access the document.  If you want to display a duplicate of your certificate that will save a file for your documents, select Pdf document. You might see a “Share” icon that you may have seen by now. This will not be included. Although there is an option to share to LinkedIn with this icon, it also generates a social networking site message. Instead, we’d like you to include your credential in your LinkedIn profile.

How to add Coursera credentials to Linkedin;

Go to your Coursera profile and sign up. Go to the Achievements section of your profile. Click Add to LinkedIn under the Certificates you would like to post on your Profile page. Copy / paste your Certificate information into your Social network according to the directions.

An easy method to add the certificate on Linkedin;

If you want to add some of your Udemy of edX certificates to Linkedin then go to the top of your LinkedIn site and click the Me button. To see your account, click View profile. Scroll down to the Credentials and Accreditations page and press Add if you’ve just added a credential.

Addition or removal of certificates on your Linkedin profile;

Professional credentials are attractive and great for the attraction of people visiting your profile. These certificates having a positive impact on your portfolio making you more professional and attached to other communities across the globe.

Managing certifications;

For the addition of academic certificates on your Linkedin profile, you must follow the instructions.

  1. Firstly go to the profile button and then press it.
  2. Secondly, hit the button named view profile.
  3. Scroll down to the Licenses and Certifications section and press Add if you’ve already added a credential.

For further information, you may help from google or Youtube. Since you’ve never introduced a credential before, you’ll like to start by creating a section titled Licenses and Accreditations. In the introduction section of your profile page, click Add new username/ profile.  Select Certificates and Certification requirements from the Contextual drop-down menu. Information about the certificates which you are going to add to Linkedin is very necessary and you much write down some important features about your certificate which will show your work. 

  • As you type in the Issuing Organization sector, a menu of companies will display immediately.  Always sure that you choose the right representative from the drop-down menu so that their emblem exists next to the credential on your account.
  • You must click the icon named save for the further procedure.

Important steps for editing of certificates to Linkedin profile; 

  1. Firstly go to the profile button and then press it.
  2. Secondly, hit the button named view profile. This option is also the same as the above one.
  3. Follow the link to the Licensing and Certification requirements section and press the Edit icon next to the credential you want to modify.
  4. Make sure that these changes are properly accepted. 
  5. As you type in the Authorizing Organization sector, a menu of companies will appear. Make sure you choose the right authority from the drop-down menu so that their emblem occurs next to the credential on your account.
  6. Press the save button so it will be edited definitely.

For the removal of certifications;

  1. Firstly go to the profile button and then press it. This is a common button in most of the changes.
  2. The got the profile and view it.
  3. Follow the link to the Certificates and Professional qualifications page, and press the Edit icon next to the credential you want to get rid of. The process is easy and less time taking. Every user of Linkedin must know these changes.
  4. At the last, you must click the delete button for the removal of a picture easily.

Some simple and significant steps for the credentials to attach with Linkedin;

You may be wondering how to add new qualifications to your professional LinkedIn profile after completing an Udemy course. I was also unsure if this was feasible, so I went on the hunt for a response. The results of my investigation are listed below. These results are truly based on experiences. Is it possible to add Udemy modules to LinkedIn? Indeed, Udemy workshops can be added to your Profile page. Sharing them is a perfect way to showcase your accreditations and other expertise that might be valuable in marketing to find your first job—or with some like users. Introducing Udemy programs to your Linkedin profile boosts the importance of your profile. Continue reading to learn how to do it piece by piece, why it’s essential to keep your accreditations current, and the value of networking opportunities. 

You will also note a toolbar that provides powerful information that your course’s credentials do not disappear. Since it’s an Udemy lesson, click this before saving and posting this section of your account. Regardless of when this portion of your LinkedIn page is viewed, the skills you learned will benefit you.

The “Diploma ID” field will also be visible. This is useful for certifications that have a unique ID number, but Udemy courses do not have such a number. This field should be left empty.

Save the information once you’ve finished entering the data. When the others visit your page, the course summary and other details will be shown on your profile for them to see. This method can be repeated when required for future classes, or you can edit the specifics of those you’ve already finished.

Do you think that it is important to add professional certificates to Linkedin?

For several purposes, it’s advisable to emphasize your accomplished workshops to LinkedIn. One of these factors is to look for jobs or recruit new workers.

Looking for a new opportunity;

Trying to keep your training and certification and finished workshops up – to – date is just something that prospective jobseekers search for.

For the confirmation of job seekers that you are familiar with modern technology;

They know you can navigate the internet if you use the Udemy online platform. This is a significant benefit for most workers, regardless of industry.

Express your passion for doing more projects;

Maintaining a professional online presence, for example. Since all workers have ongoing commitments, this attribute is valuable in every field of business.

Certificates highlight the value of education by you;

If you can learn new things to improve yourself, you are likely to be committed to learning new skills to succeed at your work.

Shows your positive passion towards the work;

Furthermore, it’s not all for the money. Enthusiastic staff members regarding their work perform well even though they are eager to learn, adapt well to shift, and can need less guidance. It will help you present yourself properly to prospective employers if you update your Udemy courses and qualifications on your Profile page. They’ll see that you can keep track of current ventures, that you’re interested in technology, and that you’ll do a lot more.

Are courses on Linkedin free;

You don’t have to commit to something in the first month because LinkedIn Learning is free to try. You can begin a free trial to see if the platform is right for you. If you want to stay aboard and take more LinkedIn Learning courses after the free month, you can start paying.

Can I add certificates to my resume;

On a resume, listing old or revoked certifications is not permissible. If you have a diploma from a program or a license from a degree, for example, that has an expiration date, you must extend well before that date to maintain it on your resume.

Sharing online courses on Linkedin for getting jobs and credibility;

During your job quest, making a successful first performance is crucial. It all starts with a well-crafted resume that highlights a wide range of applicable abilities, strengths, accomplishments, and qualifications. By emphasizing accreditation on your portfolio, you can demonstrate to hiring managers that you’re continually improving yourself. 

Randstad RiseSmart, a global leader in HR and career advancement programs for employees, is an expert on the certifications that matter most to recruiters. We work with businesses to help workers (and their corporations) succeed either during or after their jobs. 

Since you’re an entrepreneur, accreditations can be an essential part of how you build and expand your workplace. Organizational culture needs internal career growth. When an incident like a layoff or reduction in force happens, it may also be incorporated into the order to list you provide to departing employees.

If you have the right certifications, they can get you recognized. Certifications would also ensure you get recognized for current job advancements, such as pay raises, upgrades, and diagonal transfers. As an executive, you can discuss your industry’s involvement in professional development opportunities and organizational skilling that matches the company’s performance goals with your boss.

The list below includes examples of non-accredited online course certificates and their equivalents that offer accredited certificates that will make your resume stand out, even more, no matter what skills you’re looking to develop or acquire.

Learning of Udemy and linked to Linkedin profile;

Employers do not always recognize Udemy certificates. Since Udemy is not a recognized educational institution, its courses will not be accepted for college credit or continuing education units (CEUs). Many of the courses, on the other hand, are worthwhile and will help you gain experience or strengthen ones you already have. 

A rating system will reveal how useful a course is for students. Whether or not the classes you take are approved, your employer or future employer would be inspired by your dedication to improving your expertise.

Unaccredited learning like Coursera;

Coursera, like Udemy, is an online learning site. Stanford professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng are behind it, and it aims to include an online learning center in a variety of subjects such as science, communication, technologies, and industry. There are currently over 2,000 programs available on the web, and over 25 million account holders.


As a result of the numerous outlets that now offer online training sessions, more people that need differentiated instruction and technological skills will be able to enter the workforce. Every platform has value based on the study materials it makes accessible to its users. so we must add our professional certificates and qualifications proof for a better impact on our Linkedin profile. This type of positive and continuous work will make us more proficient in the market. Managers or hiring authorities look at the portfolio mostly and uses a professional app like Linkedin and we may have a strong connection with them after adding professional credentials.

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