Factory Resetting Delete Viruses And Malware

Does Factory Resetting Your Computer Delete All Its Viruses And Malware?

Factory Resetting Delete Viruses And Malware – Factory Reset is a term that is used to remove data from an electronic system. It is a software restoration that aims to reset the software to the original manufacturer settings found in the unit. It may be used to fix any computer-related software problems or simply to remove all user details from a device.

This factory reset removes all the data from the device like different applications, data, and other settings that are not by default. A factory reset is very beneficial especially when you sell your electronic device. It is also beneficial when you want to remove viruses from the device, clear memory space, etc. It also prevents your device from hanging.

A factory reset is an operation that must be done with care, as all data stored in the electronic system can be erased. For all electronic devices, or in all cases, a factory reset is not recommended.


Malware is a collective name of different viruses like ransomware and spyware. Usually, malware is distributed via email in the form of a connection or file and allows the user to click the link or open the file to execute the malware.

Since the early 1970s, when the Creeper virus first emerged, malware has been a threat to people and organizations. Since then, hundreds of thousands of different types of malware have attacked the planet, all to cause as much chaos and destruction as possible.

Kinds of Viruses

There are different kinds of viruses that may harm your computer in some ways.

  1. Resident Virus

The resident virus stays in your computer RAM. It may affect your daily work. They are so effective even your antivirus program files may even be linked to them.

  • Multipartite Virus

This is a spreading virus that affects your entire system like folder programs and operating systems by spreading unauthorized actions.

  • Direct Action

By replicating and infecting files, this virus targets a particular file type, most commonly executable files (.exe). This virus form is one of the easier ones to identify and eliminate due to its targeted existence.

Browser Hijacker

This type of virus affects our browsing and takes us towards malicious websites.

Overwrite Virus

The name is showing as the Overwriting viruses overwrite file material to infect entire folders, files, and programs.

Web Scripting Virus

In the coding of links, advertisements, photos, videos, and site code, this sly virus disguises itself. When we download the data from malicious websites or just visit these kinds of websites it infects our computer.

File Infector

This virus targeted the executable files and slows down the programs. When a user tries to open the executable files then this virus infects the system files.

Network Virus

Via network links, network viruses travel and propagate themselves through shared resources.

Boot Sector Virus

Hidden in a file on a USB drive or email attachment, this virus is one of the easiest viruses to remove. It can infect the master boot record of the device when triggered to damage the system.

 Can Factory Reset remove all Viruses?

A factory reset is a very significant way to remove viruses from the computer or any electronic device. Otherwise, the viruses can never be removed from the computer without factory resetting.  We can delete all data saved in the hard drive of the device by running a factory reset.  But some viruses are very complex like malware; we can’t delete them by factory resetting.  To remove that kind of viruses we have to reformat and reinstall the windows.

All your device settings, user data, photos, third-party applications, and other related system data from the internal storage will be deleted when we do factory resetting. But unfortunately, even after doing a factory reset, persistent malware, such as xHelper, cannot be deleted.

As far as the operating system and storage devices are concerned, running a factory reset will restore the computer to its initial power-on state. If you want to do a factory reset select “settings” then go to the option “Update and Security” then click on the “Recovery” button. Then select “Get Started” which is under the heading “Remove everything and reinstall Windows” and follow the instructions that are showing on the screen.

Fully clean the drive

Selecting the option “Fully clean the drive” would most certainly kill all the viruses. If you want to see an alert, you will not be able to return to the previous version of windows by clicking next. When you see your computer is ready, you can press the button for “Reset”. And at last click on “Continue”.

Factory resets do not erase infected files that are saved on backups: when you recover your old data, viruses will return to the device. Before any data is transferred back from the drive to the device, the backup storage system should be thoroughly scanned for virus and malware infections. Some viruses don’t delete by factory resetting. These types of viruses can be destroyed by reinstalling the window.

It is difficult to tell for sure that a factory reset would be the solution to curing your system of malware infection due to the large variety and ever-changing existence of computer viruses. For instance, some kinds of viruses are very complex like xHelper, etc.

xHelper: Unremovable virus (malware)

In 2019, the virus name helper started infecting Android devices.  By hiding in the code of unofficial Android apps downloaded outside of the Play Store, it managed to infiltrate the devices of users. It was even more frustrating was how it was unable to uninstall xHelper. The app will somehow reinstall itself a few hours later, also after a factory reset. 

What happens after factory resetting?

Factory resetting is very helpful in solving the problems from the hard drive, PC, or Windows operating system. Before giving it to a new user or selling it is very necessary to reset your PC. The reset process removes the apps and files installed on the device, and then reinstall Windows and any apps, including trial programs and utilities, that were originally installed by the manufacturer of your PC.

Back up Files

First of all, you should back up your files because the reset process cleans all the personal records from the hard drive of the device. Notice that it can be spread by backups if the PC has a severe malware infection; otherwise, it is vital to ensure that your important business data is securely backed up.

The hard drive of your PC is completely deleted during the factory resetting process and you lose any business, financial and personal files that might be present on the device. You will not interrupt it once the resetting process begins. If you disrupt the operation, your device will be left in an unstable state without an operating system or programs, including software drivers that were originally installed by your PC manufacturer.


The recovery CD-ROMs or recovery partitions are used to restore your PC to factory settings. If you are using CD-ROMs, you will be asked when each disc in order will be inserted. The discs may be directly from the manufacturer of your device, or when you first bought your PC, you may have been guided to make the recovery discs. You can order a package from your computer manufacturer if you do not have a set of recovery discs. The process will prompt you through each stage, including formatting the hard drive of your PC, reinstalling Windows, and setting up Windows for the first time, once the reset process begins via CD-ROMs.

The process is achieved without discs and through a function key such as “F12” or another key while resetting your PC from a recovery partition. The recovery partition was created by the manufacturer of your PC and does not require the launch of the partition using a CD-ROM or another medium. Consult the manual for your PC for the specific key to start the reset process. The method works similar to using recovery CD-ROMs once the resetting process is begun, including prompting you through every step from formatting the hard drive of your PC to setting up Windows for the first time.

Reasons of Factory Resetting

There are some reasons for factory resetting that you must do on your device.

Before Selling

If you want to sell your device to someone then it is very necessary to wipe all the personal information from the device.

For Improving Performance

If your device is slow or not performing well or it is hanging then for the improvement of your device it is best to do a factory reset. However, we can just consider this as a last resort after you’ve tried a manual clean-up. However, a factory reset could be a helpful choice if the issue stems from your hard drive or operating system (OS).

To remove Virus

If your device detected any virus then it is very necessary to do a factory reset because the virus can harm your device or data or it can slow your device’s operating system. Sometimes the viruses are very complex they don’t remove from any antivirus so, for removing that kind of viruses we have to do factory resetting.

How Viruses survive even after Factory Reset?

In some cases, a factory reset cannot delete the viruses. Then the viruses infect your devices in many ways.

Backup Data

When you stored your backup data just check the malware before transferring.

Malware on Recovery Partition

The partition for recovery is part of the hard drive where the factory settings of your computer are stored. It may become infected with malware in rare cases. Therefore, the virus would not clear up by doing a factory reset.

Rootkit Malware

It is a kind of software that gives your operating system a deep level of access. Their original intent was to provide administrative access to a computer for approved users. However, rootkits can be infected by malware today, making it hard to detect and delete them.

Some other Devices

Sometimes malware can infect your secondary devices like printer even without knowing you. When you attach to it again, even after you have gone through the process of a factory reset, this system will then reinfect your computer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Factory Reset

If you are planning to do factory data resetting then it is better to know about some advantages and disadvantages of factory data resetting.

When you go to factory data reset there are two options in front of you. You can delete all your data that consists of cache files and the second option are to remove only cache files instead of other data. Now it is your choice which option you want to select.

However, you may lose such type of data that is unable to recover after factory data resetting. So firstly you should go to the prior backup.  It will have the following ramifications if you have a complete backup for all your data and files heading for factory data reset.


  • You would be able to fix any problem that happens on your computer and disturbed you from working properly. Resetting your laptop lets it work in the desired productive way all over again.
  • When any other person uses your computer like your sibling then factory data resetting is the best option to remove all the garbage from the computer device by just one clicking.
  • You can then plan your system in a personalized manner without any compromise with your device memory or outlook.
  • Factory Data Reset lets your system function as smoothly as it was; it’s like fresh again when you just purchased it. In cases where your system is unresponsive to some problems, the factory data reset is the best option. It is the only way to resolve all the problems of your device.

Google will tell you step by step that how to factory reset.

  • It resolves all your device problems in a very short time. Some people think that it is a time taking process so they send their devices to the service center. If you are unaware that how to factory reset then you can take help from the internet. Google will tell you step by step that how to factory reset.
  • Even after the reset, the files that were initially downloaded on your laptop at the time of purchase will remain intact. The apps and media that you added later, you just have to back up. To ensure the protection of your data, it can be carried out easily and even remotely in case of failure of the computer.


  • It is only useful when you delete the data contained in your device’s internal memory. This means, with the aid of a factory data reset, all the data contained in the external devices cannot be removed.
  • From the security point of view, it is controversial because it is perceived as a hazard by data-centric interpretation. You might lose a large amount of relevant and valuable information. You will never be able to get your valuable files back. If you do not have a good and sound backup. You will have to recreate them or it may be a permanent loss for items such as images and videos that relate to your memories.
  • If you go to the option of factory data resetting without getting the approved software keys. That are installed on your computer or laptop then it will be difficult for you to reinstall the data.
  • If you perform it once in a while within a substantial time gap of a period of 2 to 3 months. Factory data reset is a good thing for your laptop, but if you perform it often, the computer memory. Which is the RAM and the ROM, maybe a significant loss.

The battery life of your computer is one more significant

  • The battery life of your computer is one more significant thing that is affected by the factory data reset. So, does not regularly perform the factory data reset on your computer. Taking it into practice only if otherwise it is necessary. And it will make your computer lose the unnecessary and unwanted loss.
  • You can get stuck in an endless loop if you execute the reset without understanding the proper way. And your Windows laptop may be dead. So, aiming for the reset is not always advisable. You could be left with no solution to the problem in the course of solving one problem. In different ways, the loss will affect your records, time, and money.

Factory Data Reset is just a tool like many other tools on your computer. But you must know that how to use this tool that may you prevent undesired effects. If you use this tool in the limit, you may obtain the possible advantages without conducting any hit and test methods within recommendations. Otherwise, you will have to face the loss of your data and your computer in the worst case possible.

Before starting with the procedure, understand the difference between the hard reset and the factory reset. If you are aware of the findings, do not make any adjustments to the settings and operations.

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