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How To Develop And Code My Ecommerce Website?

Develop & Code Ecommerce WebsiteE-Commerce websites do great wonders and are a source of very high income for some people. Indeed a lot of effort is needed to be put into making the eCommerce website. Mostly it can take up to a month to function and an eCommerce website.


The development process of the eCommerce website:


Visionary development:

If we make a website in perspective, we will be surprised about how much effort and time it takes to build one website. When you look at the e-commerce website, you will realize that it requires a lot of stuff, but we will get into that later. Now we will start with the things that are needed to make a simple website. The first and most step is that you need a vision about how you want your website to be. If you have a minimal idea, you will face two types of problems in the future.

The first problem is that if you have any issues, you will not solve them and get stuck. It’s a terrible idea if you get stuck at a point while coding. It will waste an out of your time and a lot of your energy. If you miss out on both of these things while coding, it will become so complex that you won’t continue.

Moreover, you will also face a few other problems if you don’t have a good vision. And that can be very dangerous as the foundation of your e-commerce website depends on it. If you don’t have a more comprehensive picture, you won’t be able to make the slightest changes to your e-commerce website. The person who makes the eCommerce website will have a clouded judgment, and hence he might have to start all over again.

The first step to creating an eCommerce website is to have a wide version

Therefore, the first step to creating an eCommerce website is to have a wide version. If you have a more expansive vision, the person who is making the eCommerce website will be 1 step ahead of everyone. It can give a few perks to the person who is making the eCommerce website. The bonuses are that he would be able to identify every mistake beforehand. If that happens, he won’t be surprised with any new errors while making the eCommerce website.

If not that, at least the number of mistakes or problems faced would be much lesser. I will explain this using an example so that you may understand this concept fully. Imagine you want to build a house. Now you see, I’m taking the house example for the sole reason because you can compare it to an eCommerce website from all angles.

Before building a house, you need to have a vision of how the outcome of the house should be and the possible problems that can be faced while making the house. As a result, we can say that a person who wants to construct a home will have a broader vision from before. He will know about all the possible problems that those may face, and hence he will take all the preventive steps to avoid such issues and construct the house without any difficulty. The same is the procedure when you make an eCommerce website. So we have now accomplished the first-ever step that would lead us to build a successful e-commerce website.



Now we come to the planning. Planning is the essential part when we want to build an e-commerce website. If the person who makes the e-commerce website does not plan properly, he will not take out the desired outcome.

 Moreover, it may also turn into a failure. There are several reasons why this may happen, and one of those reasons is that planning is the sole base of the eCommerce website, and we will construct and develop the eCommerce website on its bottom. It is simple to understand, and you must realize too as if the bottom of anything is not correct according to the result, we would not be able to achieve our target, and our project would not favor our vision.

I will explain this using an example so that you may understand this concept. Suppose we have a building constructer and wants to build a plaza along the hillside. The first step is to make the building in vision and look at all possible outcomes. It will also look at any problems that may be faced while making the building. Now we are through with the first step, and that is to construct the building visionary. Now lets us come to the next step.

The person will have a successful upright building if that person intends it well.

The next step is planning. The person will have a successful upright building if that person intends it well. But if he does not give importance to designing the building, it won’t be successful and may have chances that it will fall. It is because the building is sensitive and may fall eight the slightest miscalculations. The same is the case when we construct an eCommerce website. If the panning is not correct, the person who makes the eCommerce website will face many issues in the future.

 Moreover, an eCommerce website involves coding and development. Coding can also be considered as the building blocks of a building. If the base, which is the building’s plan, is not stable, all of the other whole websites can’t be stable.

Now let us discuss the second part of planning. You must have heard people saying that you should always have a second plan. These people say it from experience, and it will assist you later on when you face problems. I will explain this using an example so that you have a better understanding of what I want you to understand. Suppose you are making a building, and you have had a gray vision about it and planned it well, but you just had that one perfect plan for it.

The same is the case when we talk about making an eCommerce website

While constructing the building, you face a problem, and there is no way out, and you have to start all over again. What will you do then? Nothing. That’s the main problem. Now I know some of you might be wondering that if they made only one plan for the building, it has to be perfect. And you are entirely correct. It will be perfect and not only this, but many people and professionals will also approve it. But we are humans, and it is our nature to make mistakes. If we don’t, we have to be machined. Now imagine if they had a plan B for this. So even if they got stuck at a point, they would have a second plan to continue construction.

The same is the case when we talk about making an eCommerce website. You must have a second plan. This way, if you face hurdles ahead, you will easily tackle them and go on without any disruption. Moreover, there are other benefits attached to having a second plan. First of all, the person who is making the eCommerce website would save a lot of time, and who can utilize that time, and who may finish the e-commerce website before time.

As a result, we can say that the second most crucial step in making an eCommerce website is to plan, and the person who is making the eCommerce website should be able to have a second plan if he faces some difficulty in the future.


Coding and construction:

Now that we have set up the base of the e-commerce website, we can move on to the central part: the coding and construction of the e-commerce website. We can say that coding is the construction of the eCommerce website. Now when you look at e-commerce websites as a whole, you will be aware that they have different portions and a mixture of everything.

Although it depends on the type of website a person wants to build, multiple things are every day on every website. Some of those things are the body, the header, and the footer. These three elements are common in every website. It means it includes e-commerce websites also.

First of all, we will discuss the coding requires to make the e-commerce website, and there are two ways to do so. Coding is the central part of making an eCommerce website. Some programmers consider it the backbone of the website. As a result, it should be very complex and sensitive too.

 A slight miscalculation or wrong code may create a loophole, and the hackers and scammers on the internet may cause problems such as identity theft and hacking of accounts on that eCommerce website. Coding is done for every single thing on the webpage. When we consider the eCommerce website, it involves many more minor things that will require a code to build.

Go to google and open up an online website such as amazon

Allow me to explain this using an example so that you may fully understand.  Go to google and open up an online website such as amazon. When you look at the front web page of amazon, you will see many different buttons such as the buy opinion and an option to add to cart things, and an opportunity for a coupon code. Keep in mind that all of these require a code to be written to appear on the front page.

 In addition to this, a separate code is also written to make all of these buttons functional and clickable. Now, this is just one button, there will be many buttons like this, and you will have to make a code for all of them.

The next thing is to divide the code into three parts, or you can say to divide the eCommerce website into three parts. These parts are the header, the body, and the footer. Let us talk about the header. It will contain the web page title and some other necessary wording that you would want to highlight.

Most of you might be confused that we will have to write a different code for the header’s writing

Most of you might be confused that we will have to write a different code for the header’s writing. No, that is not the case, as the text that we need to include in the title would be written in plain English when we write the code. I will explain later what we have to use to write this code. Not let’s come to the body. What do you think we have to write in the body. We will report all the necessary stuff we want to see on a webpage on the body.

The body consists of all the relevant data. Moreover, it would be best to keep in mind that the exporter website doesn’t need to have only one page. Such eCommerce websites do not exist, and even if they do, they are not preferred by people as they do not have many objects on their page. Some websites have just one front page, and they include everything over it. The problems un these websites are that they put all of the stuff on a single page, and hence it is challenging to find the desired product.

Moreover, you should keep in mind that if the website has multiple webpages, you should keep in mind that there would be various headers and various bodies. Each of them will have different texts, and who will write other codes for each. The same is the case when we talk about footers.

The tools used for making these websites are HTML and CSS

They will also have to be different. However, in most cases, the foot’s is the same, and there is one reason for it. The footer consists of personal detail of the eCommerce web page, such as the cell phone number of the person managing the eCommerce website or the email address, or maybe a number for complaints. You can not have all of these things separate for all pages; hence only one code is required.

The tools used for making these websites are HTML and CSS. These two sources help us in making the websites and webpages for the eCommerce website. You will have to write a whole code for making each and everything on this website. However, there are two ways of doing this. You might write a code from scratch and also paste ready-made codes from other websites. The names of some of these websites are you start to write the code from scratch, you will be in complete control of the website’s principle, and hence it will be your responsibility to look over each and everything of the website.

In addition to this, there are other ways also, and you can use them to construct your eCommerce website. For instance, several web pages on the internet provide you with ready-made templates and colors. You can use the technique of drop and drag. Pick the objects or anything you want from the source and paste them into the commerce website’s web page. It is much easier as it saves time, and the percentage of errors is reduced.


Buying domain and security:

Now that you have made the website, you two steps remaining. One of those steps is to provide security to your code. If you do that, you will have all of your data secure. Moreover, eCommerce websites are all about money, and if there are any such loopholes in your website, the hacker will benefit from it, and it may lead you to close your e-commerce website.

 As a result, security is paramount. Moreover, your company won’t progress if people become aware that your eCommerce website has security issues and no one would agree to buy stuff from your website ever again. As a result, security is critical. You can hire another team of professionals to make sure that safety is not compromised.

The last step is buying the domain because your website is now ready, but people cannot see it unless you upload it on the internet. So you have to buy the field, select a unique name for your web page, and start advertising your website.

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